This technique is an amalgam of new and old.  Similar injections to traditional Prolotherapy are made into the treatment area but additionally, medical grade ozone (03), which we obtain from a specialty device in our clinic, is also then  injected.  Since it is a gas, ozone dissipates into tissues in some cases helping to expand our therapeutic reach.  The wonderful thing about O3 is both in its ability to assist in promoting healing while having a powerful effect on mitigating pain – in many situations, quite immediately.  Most widely, the liquid solutions that precede O3 injection are mixed a bit different than traditional Prolotherapy.  One of the many things that makes Dr. Rook’s practice (and results) different in Regenerative medicine is that has developed methods to meld traditional Prolotherapy and Prolozone.  In either case, the solutions are prepared at the time of your procedure.   Like traditional Prolotherapy,  additional treatments spaced between  2 to 6 weeks apart (condition and patient dependent) are typically required to maximize benefit and then at some point, maintenance treatments months to years apart can sustain the results (in specific conditions). 

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