This technique of Regenerative medicine can be considered the most basic technique in the spectrum.  However, that does not mean Prolotherapy injections are not effective.  The basis of Prolotherapy lies in the body’s use of normal inflammation to stimulate and promote healing.  Dr. Rook will gladly help you understand why inflammation is not always bad (but his wife is a Rheumatologist so he knows that there are situations where inflammation is the problem).  When traditional Prolotherapy is performed, a mixture of solutions are injected into the target area to trigger a localized response drawing fibroblasts, growth factors and progenitor-type cells (like stem cells) to the damaged/injured tissue (s).  This then leads to the healing.  Naturally, if someone has an underlying inflammatory/autoimmune condition Prolotherapy may not be a viable option.  Traditional Prolotherapy is typically the least expensive Regenerative option but can work for a large variety of conditions.  However, it may require more repeat injections in the beginning of the treatment course to achieve a similar result to other Regenerative techniques. 

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