Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is what is known as an autologous transfer of cells.  That is the fancy medical way of saying, you are donating your own cells back to yourself.  PRP is actually a component of your whole blood and that is where we start when using this Regenerative injection technique.  After ensuring you do not have a medical reason that would exclude our use of your PRP (Dr. Rook will review those during your consult), one of our medical assistants will draw blood from you (most likely from a vein in the crease of your arm known as the antecubital fossa) much like when you have labs done or donate blood.  Then we use what Dr. Rook considers the best device on the market for harvesting PRP while you are being prepared for your treatment procedure.  This device works within minutes to separate the layers of your whole blood giving us a very useful, potent amount of PRP.  Why do we want PRP – because it is particularly high-yield in fibroblasts, growth factors and progenitor-type cells – all are important in healing and repair.  Then,  during that same visit, PRP is injected into the target treatment area.  This modality exists in the middle of the Regenerative spectrum and is seen as a more potent technique.  As such, results may require fewer injections but because there is a more extensive process involved, the cost is higher.

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